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Ephemerides of the planets English flag

Solar System

Using this service we can get ephemerides for Sun, Moon, and major planets for any date and time between 1901 and 2100 and for any geographical place.

This service is a www-version of a subset of functions provided in xephem written by e.c. downey, enhanced with some new functions.

The output is tabulated (plain ASCII or HTML table) and able for further processing.

Some pre-calculated examples

New Moons 1951 - 2050Firts Quarters 1951 - 2050Full Moons 1951 - 2050Last Quarters 1951 - 2050

Solar Eclipses 1951 - 2050Lunar Eclipses 1951 - 2050Easter Sundays 1951 - 2050

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VMag Phase
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HrsUp Air
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